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Getting Your ERP Customization Right

Best ERP Customization Practices

Though enterprise resource planning (ERP) consultants recommend considering configuration options before tackling software customizations, there are few ERP instances with zero customized features. In fact, Panorama’s 2018 ERP Report found an uptick in software...

How is IoT Transforming Manufacturing?

ERP and IoT Build Connected Enterprises

The Internet of Things (IoT) is one of the more nebulous terms to have entered the digital lexicon. Gartner defines IoT as the “network of physical objects that contain embedded technology to communicate and sense or interact with their internal states or...

Ready for Epicor Insights?

Create a Game Plan for Insights

Epicor Insights is about a month away, and users and partners are already looking forward to all the exciting learning and networking opportunities. The annual event brings together over 3,000 Epicor users from around the world for industry and technical...

Reimagine Your Customer Journey with an ERP-CRM Integration

Customer Journey Mapping

Far too many manufacturers position their products at the center of their enterprise. Makes sense, right? Isn’t the point to push quality items into the marketplace? But businesses that center strategies around products lose sight of the most important driver of...

Unlock Manufacturing Power with ERP Software

ERP Makes Manufacturers Stronger Than Ever

Develop a Continuous Strategy to Fight ERP Failure

Our Tips for Avoiding ERP Failure

ERP software should never be a stagnant entity for your business. However, too many businesses treat their enterprise resource planning system as a tool that will work efficiently forever—without any refining or refocusing. After all, it can be easy to settle...

Midwest Epicor Users Group Meeting 4.19.18

MEUG Q2 Meeting Review

Yesterday, Epicor users from St. Louis and surrounding areas as well as members of the Datix team congregated for the quarterly Midwest Epicor Users Group meeting. Committed to pursuing continued ERP growth and learning, MEUG members meet each quarter to share triumphs...

How Long Does an ERP Upgrade Take?

Guide to Determining Your ERP Upgrade Duration

Our LinkedIn page has been lighting up with comments on our post, “How Long Does an ERP Implementation Take?” One of the more recent comments pointed out the need for a piece about determining the duration of ERP upgrades. Generally speaking,...

Don’t Fall Victim to ERP Security Breaches

Tips for ERP Data Protection

With the recent uncovering of the Facebook and Cambridge Analytica scandal and the upcoming GDPR mandates, data security is on everyone’s mind. This proves especially true for businesses with enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems who depend on their software to...

CRM Aligns Sales, Marketing and Service

Optimize Your Customer Service

We’ve written before on the importance of using customer relationship management (CRM) solutions to align marketing and sales, but what often gets left out of the equation is customer service. However, customer service has never played a more critical role in...

Attend this Quarter’s Midwest Epicor Users Group Meeting!

MEUG Q2 Meeting

On April 19th, the Midwest Epicor Users Group convenes again to strengthen the Epicor community in St. Louis and surrounding areas. Using presentations, demos and lively conversations, MEUG meetings equip Epicor users with helpful tips and tricks for getting the most out of ERP...

Tips for Building Your Software Adoption Strategy

Enterprise Software Adoption Strategy

Businesses naturally invest in their vision, and innovators are now looking toward enterprise software to allow them to achieve it. However, even some of the most well-intentioned projects will fall flat because of a failure to put in place a comprehensive...

Unity X Fuels Global Manufacturing Success

Bringing Epicor and XE Currency Data Together

Global manufacturing is no child’s play. Balancing multiple plant operations, maintaining visibility and managing compliance takes a toll on business leaders. This is especially true this year, as the market is undergoing a tumultuous period. Though...

Point-to-Point Integrations Can Put Companies at Risk

Point-to-Point vs. iPaaS

Building a connected enterprise was no easy task in the early days of enterprise software. As we’ve touched on in another post, systems were once so rigid that businesses were left to create homegrown software or fully customize their instance. Imagine how difficult it...

Oil and Gas Industries are Missing Out on Data Analytics

Epicor ERP for Oil and Gas Industries

Businesses in oil and gas industries are drowning in immense data lakes as information from drilling, exploration and production remain untapped. Afraid of changing their processes, many of these companies have yet to make use of software that would...

Epicor ERP Stops Shipping Disasters Before They Start

Epicor's Robust Shipping Management

To remain competitive in today’s modern enterprise marketplace, manufacturers have got to be shipping maestros, no matter the size of their business. After all, one of the quickest ways to turn off a new customer is to get an order wrong or send a late...

Exciting Updates for Microsoft Dynamics 365

New Marketing and Sales Applications

Spring is a time of fresh starts, especially for software vendors releasing the latest versions and improved features of their products. This year, one of the most exciting spring releases is from Microsoft Dynamics 365, which debuted its new CRM...

Customizations vs. Configurations: What’s the Difference?

On April 05, 2018, Posted by TJ McDowell, In Epicor® ERP, erp configuration,, erp customization, soa With No Comments

ERP Customizations vs. Configurations

It’s often the case that clients will need to make changes to their software. After all, every manufacturing and distribution enterprise is different. However, contrary to popular misconceptions, these changes don’t necessarily take the form of...

Why Homegrown ERP is a Thing of the Past

Don’t Build ERP from Scratch

Oh, the good old days. Large corporations dishing out giant sums of money, IT teams slaving over an unwieldy system, disjointed modules, no access to real-time data, poor collaboration. . .. Yep, these were the early days of ERP. The original ERP market didn’t have...

Make eCommerce Transactions Easier and Safer than Ever

Update Your eCommerce Payment Methods

Considering that the number of online customers continues to grow at a rapid rate, it’s no wonder that eCommerce platforms are expanding their functionality. Online shopping platforms understand that this consumer base has high standards for efficiency and...

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