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Protect Your ERP with a Continuous Improvement Plan

ERP Software Continuous Improvement Plan

The Stage Crucial to ERP Implementation Success

ERP Configuration

One of the most critical steps of ERP implementation, ERP configuration, involves aligning the included functionality of your ERP to your business processes—not altering the very structure of your chosen platform, but merely molding it to support your day-to-day business...

Customizations vs. Configurations: What’s the Difference?

On April 05, 2018, Posted by TJ McDowell, In Epicor® ERP, erp configuration,, erp customization, soa With No Comments

ERP Customizations vs. Configurations

It’s often the case that clients will need to make changes to their software. After all, every manufacturing and distribution enterprise is different. However, contrary to popular misconceptions, these changes don’t necessarily take the form of...


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