Don't Let Data Silos Ruin Your Business

    How to Get Rid of Data Silos 

    As the name suggests, a data silo is a set of data only accessible to one department or team in an organization. To some extent, data silos are unavoidable. Each department accumulates data pertaining to its responsibilities, focusing on its particular roles and...

    What is the Best ERP for Manufacturing?

    Technology Roadmaps Steer Software Implementations Forward

    Are CRM and ERP Software Full of Empty Promises?

    The Truth About CRM & ERP Software

    I recently spoke with a company at a local user group meeting that was just finishing a quick start CRM system deployment. They shared with me a sentiment regarding their new system that I was becoming very familiar with. Once their system had gone live, it...

    Visualforce Remote Objects HTML Encode | XSS Analysis

    Visualforce Remote Objects HTML Encode | XSS Analysis

    As a certified Salesforce partner, a common subject that we've noticed popping up is the act of a Visualforce Remote Objects HTML Encode; an XSS analysis. XSS stands for Cross Site Scripting and is in the OWASP Top 10 Vulnerability list. An...

    How Will Enterprise Software Generate ROI Next Year?

    How Will Enterprise Software Generate ROI Next Year?

    Trends That Your CIO Is Noticing

    Mid Market Analytics and Machine Learning Trends

    Enterprise Software Trends According To Your CFO

    Expediting Time and Expense Entry

    Expediting Time and Expense Entry In Epicor 9

    Software: Epicor 9

    You may have been in a similar situation to one of our clients who relied heavily on time cards. With several hundred employees and multiple divisions, they were searching by employee name and code to complete time entry. This was...

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