How CRM Gets Sales and Marketing Teams in Sync

    CRM for Sales and Marketing Alignment

    CRM Aligns Sales, Marketing and Service

    Optimize Your Customer Service

    We’ve written before on the importance of using customer relationship management (CRM) solutions to align marketing and sales, but what often gets left out of the equation is customer service. However, customer service has never played a more critical role in...

    Exciting Updates for Microsoft Dynamics 365

    New Marketing and Sales Applications

    Spring is a time of fresh starts, especially for software vendors releasing the latest versions and improved features of their products. This year, one of the most exciting spring releases is from Microsoft Dynamics 365, which debuted its new CRM...

    Microsoft Dynamics 365 Improves Marketing for SMBs

    Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Marketing

    Small and midsize businesses have more power than ever to grow their customer base. The cheaper costs and higher availability of digital marketing tools give SMBs a plethora of options for attracting customers. The problem is that there are almost too many...

    3 Easy Ways To Manage Customer Relationships

    3 Easy Ways To Manage Customer Relationships

    If you ask around, you will find that most business leaders probably feel that their organization could be a bit more polished and organized when it comes to how they currently manage customer relationships, both new and old. Managing new and...


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