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MORE eCommerce Failures

How to Avoid eCommerce Blunders

In last week’s post on avoiding eCommerce failures, we covered three common mistakes that many manufacturers and distributors make when they build their web stores. However, those three errors don’t come close to covering all of the most frequent eCommerce...

Epicor ERP Powers Closed-Loop Manufacturing

Close the Gaps for Manufacturing Success

The whole point of manufacturing is to create excellent products that satisfy buyers. When one of the many components or operations involved in your supply chain falls through the cracks, manufacturers must pay an astronomical price to repair the damage...

How to Avoid eCommerce Failure

3 Common eCommerce Mistakes

With eCommerce, businesses enjoy opportunities to earn revenue 24/7. Web users hundreds of miles away can find out about your products and become loyal customers. But in many cases, this isn’t what happens when companies set up their online stores. Several businesses...

Recruiting in the Digital Age

Epicor HCM for Recruiting

Digital technology touches just about every aspect of our lives, especially business. That means the days of job searching in newspapers and mailing hard copies of resumes are pretty much obsolete. Instead, we search and apply for positions online. In order to find...

Salesforce Prepares Businesses for the GDPR

Protecting Customer Data in a Global Enterprise

Manufacturing and distribution businesses are undergoing an exciting period. The increasing availability of enterprise software and our rapidly evolving digital landscape empower SMBs to grow immensely, even on a global scale. But with expansion...

Getting the Most Out of Your Workforce with Epicor HCM

Epicor Human Capital Management

A popular misconception is that enterprise software makes workers increasingly irrelevant by automating tasks. If the software system is updating, syncing and organizing data on its own, what’s the workforce left to do? Rather than render jobs unnecessary, ERP...

Epicor ERP Comes Out on Top

Five Powerful Epicor ERP Modules

In a recent software match-up conducted by Technology Evaluation Centers (TEC), Epicor scored the top ranking in five out of 10 modules and was a close second for some of the remaining units. Set up against Infor SyteLine and NetSuite, Epicor made the most...

5 Reasons to Take Advantage of Epicor 10

What makes Epicor 10 so powerful?

Epicor understands that continuous improvement is both the key to business success and optimal software performance. Manufacturers and distributors can’t stay ahead of the competition if they aren’t taking advantage of technological advancements. Businesses...

PandaDoc and CRM: The Ideal Match


Pair Up CRM and PandaDoc to Expedite Sales

There’s nothing that businesses love more than speedier sales. Robust CRM platforms are designed just for that—expediting sales processes through workflow automation and improved responsiveness for leads and customers. But CRM doesn’t perform at its...

Use SaaS to Maximize ROI from Microsoft Dynamics 365

How Does SaaS Increase ROI?

How SOA Provides Optimal ERP Performance

What is SOA?

If you’ve started your enterprise resource planning research, you have likely come across the term “service-oriented architecture,” or SOA. You probably saw this term either briefly mentioned in a white paper as an advantage of a particular software vendor or in a highly technical...

Is Your Website Ready for Global Traffic?

Use eCommerce for Global Expansion

Online stores empower manufacturers and distributors to gain customers and clients just about anywhere at any time. This power, however, can only be fully leveraged when businesses take a careful approach to building their website to attract a wide array of...

ERP Functions Every Project-Based Manufacturer Needs

Epicor ERP for Project-Based Manufacturing

Earlier this week, in a post covering ERP for discrete manufacturing, we explained the importance of finding an enterprise software system built not only for general manufacturing operations but for your specific manufacturing needs. For example, a...

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