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MORE eCommerce Failures

How to Avoid eCommerce Blunders

In last week’s post on avoiding eCommerce failures, we covered three common mistakes that many manufacturers and distributors make when they build their web stores. However, those three errors don’t come close to covering all of the most frequent eCommerce...

How to Avoid eCommerce Failure

3 Common eCommerce Mistakes

With eCommerce, businesses enjoy opportunities to earn revenue 24/7. Web users hundreds of miles away can find out about your products and become loyal customers. But in many cases, this isn’t what happens when companies set up their online stores. Several businesses...

Is Your Website Ready for Global Traffic?

Use eCommerce for Global Expansion

Online stores empower manufacturers and distributors to gain customers and clients just about anywhere at any time. This power, however, can only be fully leveraged when businesses take a careful approach to building their website to attract a wide array of...

Do Small Businesses Need eCommerce?

Magento for Small to Midsize Businesses

An online store was once tough for small businesses to build. Now, the requirement to pay for a domain name, developer and web host is a thing of the past as eCommerce software such as Magento makes it easier than ever to create web stores. Still, larger...

3 Reasons to Integrate ERP and eCommerce


Combine Magento and Epicor for Success

In an increasingly competitive marketplace, enterprise software integration provides the efficiency and accuracy to differentiate manufacturers and distributors from the pack. Though some businesses look at eCommerce as an unnecessary expense, our digital...

Debunking eCommerce Myths

What's the Truth About Magento eCommerce?

Myths surrounding eCommerce software cover a wide spectrum, from total dismissal to overconfidence in online store performance. The reality is somewhere in the middle of these extremes. In the vast, digital marketplace, eCommerce is a must. Manufacturers...

Holiday Shopping Rush, Part 2: eCommerce

Use Magento to Prepare for the Holiday Rush

In part one, we covered the challenges of managing supply and demand during the holidays. This installment focuses on the struggle to maintain your online store during a period of heavy traffic. Online stores are crucial in our modern digital...

How Magento eCommerce Meets Growing Consumer Demands

Magento is a Must in the Customer Revolution

Right now, the modern enterprise marketplace is undergoing a customer revolution. Customers have more power than ever to choose and influence products and services. They can buy just about anything, anywhere, anytime with a push of a button. With new...


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