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Tips for Global ERP Change Management Success

Global Change Management Strategies 

Organizational change management (OCM) doesn’t get much attention during ERP projects. It’s usually regarded as fluff. After all, if the enterprise software is supposed to offer so many benefits, then shouldn’t the project team just worry about getting the...

Integrate ERP and CRM to Improve Order Management

Achieve Perfect Order Fulfillment 

All manufacturers and distributors are in pursuit of perfect order fulfillment. But with complex production lines and supply chains, businesses are finding it increasingly difficult to deliver accurate orders on time and without damage. With customer demands...

Embrace Demand-Driven Manufacturing with ERP

Epicor for Demand-Driven Manufacturing 

The traditional, supply-driven method of manufacturing doesn’t cut it in today’s competitive marketplace. Customers expect their needs to be met instantly, but the outdated technologies and strategies of supply-driven manufacturing inhibit decision making...

How to Reduce ERP Implementation Costs

Stay Within Your ERP Budget  

Enterprise software is widely considered an essential asset for high-performing manufacturers and distributors. Without an ERP system, projects and data become siloed in different departments, and processes are more likely to incur errors and delays. However,...

Epicor is a Software Advice FrontRunner for ERP Software

Epicor Named a Top ERP Vendor 

Earlier this year, Epicor announced that they’d been named a FrontRunner for ERP software on Software Advice. The FrontRunners Quadrant, run by Software Advice, a Gartner company, uses real reviews from real software users to showcase the top software products for...

Fight Waste with Epicor's MRP Tools

Epicor ERP for MRP

ERP and Lean Manufacturing: The Perfect Match

ERP and Lean Manufacturing Go Hand in Hand

Automotive Manufacturers Drive Revenue with Epicor ERP

Epicor ERP for Automotive Manufacturing 

Go Global with Epicor ERP: Part 2

Epicor ERP for Global Manufacturing

Go Global with Epicor ERP: Part 1

Epicor ERP for Global Manufacturing

How to Mitigate Foreign Exchange Risk

Unity X: Secret Weapon Against FX Risk 

The aftermath of the Brexit vote served as a sobering reminder that even a developed country can experience currency volatility, as the rate of the British pound swung wildly and reached record lows. In recent months, experts have worried that the ongoing...

ERP and IoT Drive Manufacturing Efficiency

Use ERP to Become an IoT Enterprise

5 Criteria for Choosing the Right ERP Consultant

Select Your Ideal ERP Consulting Firm

Magento eCommerce: Reach Customers in the Digital Age

Use eCommerce to Connect with Customers 

The Relationship Era, the Customer Revolution, the Digital Age—whatever you want to call our current period in customer relationships, the bottom line is this: Digital innovation has transformed how customers find and interact with businesses, and with...

3 Reasons to Implement Epicor ERP 10

Transform Your Business with Epicor ERP 10

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Releases New AI Functionality

Artificial Intelligence for CRM 

Earlier this week, we published an overview of Salesforce’s latest developments from its Dreamforce 2018 conference. But not to be outdone, Microsoft Dynamics 365 is releasing new CRM applications available for public preview this month. These latest sales,...

ERP: Essential for Better Customer Experiences

ERP Improves Customer Journeys 

Manufacturers and distributors, laser-focused on their back-end processes, often seek out enterprise resource planning (ERP) software to streamline their internal operations. However, when used strategically, the benefits of ERP can extend far beyond your shop...

Exciting Developments from Salesforce CRM

Dreamforce 2018 Announcements

Every year, Salesforce holds their four-day Dreamforce conference to inspire companies to unlock the full potential of their customer relationship management (CRM) software. The conference also serves as an opportunity for Salesforce to unveil exciting new...

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