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Use CRM to Leverage Data for Effective Marketing

CRM for Marketing

Everyone knows that data drives industry success in the Age of the Consumer. The problem is that few marketers are effectively utilizing data, with an IBM study finding that over half of marketers consider their ability to leverage customer data as “poor” or “very poor.”...

Epicor ERP Manufacturing Success Stories

How Does Epicor ERP Transform Manufacturing?

Change is rarely comfortable. Manufacturers often delay introducing a new infrastructure into their work environments simply to avoid this discomfort. This delay, however, often ends up creating more distress than taking on a software implementation....

3 ERP Integration Solution Must-Haves

What Puts Unity on Top?

Our inboxes are full of queries regarding software integrations. With the plethora of integration platforms available, businesses get confused on their quest to build connected workplaces. How do you know which integration solution and method is best for your specific...

Epicor Cloud ERP 10: The Software Your Business Needs

Phased vs. Big Bang ERP Implementations

What's the Best Implementation Strategy for You?

So, you’re about to undergo a brand new ERP implementation, and you’ve got your entire timeline planned out. There’s a go-live date circled on the calendar. But what does your company’s go-live date really represent? Is that when the first stage...

Magento: The Hottest eCommerce Vendor

Why is Magento the Best in eCommerce?

No eCommerce vendor is hotter than Magento. Besides being the world’s most popular eCommerce platform, Magento has also earned a stellar reputation for its innovative solutions. A Forrester report named Magento Commerce a leader in B2B commerce suites for...

Time for a New ERP Vendor?

Tips for Choosing New ERP

We frequently come across companies that have been operating on enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems well past their expiration date. However, it’s not always the case that these businesses are using legacy systems. They may have been on their instance for only a...

Why Your Sales Team Will Love a CRM Integration

CRM Integrations Create a Single Source of Truth

With the rising popularity of best of breed software suites, a widening field of vendor options and functionality along with the advent of the Internet of Things (IoT) connecting them all, it’s not unusual for a modern company to be running a...

3 Powerful Benefits of Syncing Epicor and Salesforce Data

Why Integrate Epicor and Salesforce?

Many businesses have investments in both Epicor ERP and Salesforce CRM, but they don't always establish sync points between their systems. Some firms are still on the fence about systems integrations and are apprehensive to start the project. What they may...

Are You Prepared for Manufacturing Production Growth?

Epicor ERP Supports Increased Production

The National Association of Manufacturers (NAM) recently released a report showing the Federal Reserve Board’s calculations of a staggering increase in manufacturing production over the past two years. Furthermore, NAM predicts that this trend will...

Leverage Cloud-Based ERP for a Mobile Business

How Mobile ERP Transforms Businesses

It’s shocking to think about how deep mobile connectivity has pervaded the way we operate on a day-to-day basis, including the way we do business and interact with leads and customers. However, for as short a time as mobile technology has been around, the...

Bounce Back from ERP Failure

5 Steps to Recovering from ERP Failure

ERP failure: unfortunately, it can happen to even the most well-intentioned software project. Whether it comes about as a direct result of a planning error or an occurrence out of your control—like a server meltdown—ERP implementation failure can be costly...

ERP Process Documentation is Non-Negotiable


Document Your ERP Implementation. . . Or Else!

There’s no denying that an ERP implementation period can be a busy time during a company’s lifetime. Because of the amount of tasks that need to be done, businesses often try to find expendable stages that can be done away with to save time. Too...

Integrate ERP and eCommerce for Better Sales

Magento and Epicor Integration

Are Robots the Solution to Manufacturing Problems?

Robotics and ERP Close the Manufacturing Skills Gap

Though recent years have seen growth in U.S. manufacturing, the industry also faces a labor crisis with over half of the workforce aged over 35 and a third over 40. Failure to attract young recruits could lead to a detrimental skills gap. To...

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