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    Why Host ERP Manufacturing Software in the Cloud?

    4 Benefits of Cloud-Hosted ERP

    Sky's the Limit for Manufacturers With Cloud Software

    Discrete Manufacturing Technology Trends

    5 Trends in Discrete Manufacturing Technology

    Discrete manufacturing technology is evolving at a rapid pace. Increasing availability of ERP solutions and advancements in enterprise systems empower businesses to maximize the value of their data and optimize processes. Change can often be scary,...

    Cloud Software is Safer Than You Think

    Answers to Your Cloud Security Concerns

    How Safe is Your Data in the Cloud?

    The Truth About Cloud Security

    Today's enterprise is faster and more connected than ever. One reason for this improvement is the massive shift from on-premises legacy systems to cloud suites and integrated hybrid systems. Yet, many remain pessimistic of cloud capabilities since usage largely...

    Don't Let ERP Horror Stories Keep You Up at Night

    Don't Fear ERP

    Epicor Cloud ERP 10: The Software Your Business Needs

    Dos and Don’ts: Migrating from On-Premises to the Cloud

    Best Practices for Transitioning to the Cloud

    Cloud-hosted enterprise software serves as an easy, cost-effective and mobile solution to streamline business processes. This doesn’t mean, however, that businesses can migrate from an on-premises system to the cloud without proper planning. All...

    2018 Enterprise Software Predictions

    Where is Software Headed in the New Year?

    Every day brings us new advances in technology and the enterprise marketplace—and this fast pace shows no sign of slackening. Businesses are ushering in the new year with increased investments in their enterprise software, and top ERP, CRM and eCommerce...

    Microsoft Caters to a Modern Marketing Executive with CRM Updates

    Does your CRM (customer relationship management) software allow you to effectively reach your customers?  Better than your competition?  New Microsoft updates are expected to help you do just that. Element three, an inbound marketing agency, points out the shift in consumer attitudes reflect how...


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