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Go for Gold: Implement Epicor ERP

Epicor ERP Takes Manufacturers to the Top

Soon, all eyes will be on the athletes in PyeongChang as they go for gold at the Winter Olympics. But for manufacturers, every day is the Olympics as they are constantly striving to surpass the competition and strike gold. Just as athletes need the best...

Midwest Epicor Users Group Meeting 1.25.18

On January 26, 2018, Posted by TJ McDowell, In Epicor® ERP, midwest epicor users group With No Comments

Another Productive MEUG Meeting

A big thank you to everyone who joined our first Midwest Epicor Users Group meeting of 2018! Paul Arthur, Datix’s VP of Consulting, got our meeting off to a great start by taking everyone through the Epicor 10.2 active homepage. Duke Manufacturing’s VP of...

Unity: Built for Comprehensive Error Handling

Don’t Take on Software Errors Alone

Consider the following scenario: a discrete manufacturing or distribution business has done everything right in their software implementation project. It found an enterprise software consulting firm with ample experience in their industry. Working with this...

Prioritize Business Processes During Your Software Project

Reasons to Put Business Processes First

When it comes to enterprise software selection, should you be putting more consideration into the software you choose or the business processes that software will be supporting? To successfully implement enterprise software, business processes come first....

Epicor ERP 10’s Superior Modules, Part 2

A Rundown of Epicor’s Version 10 Modules

Epicor ERP version 10 is a top deployment choice for many mid-market businesses because of the flexibility that the software and its modules possess. Epicor knows that small to midsize manufacturers and distributors need functionality and comprehensive...

Epicor ERP 10’s Superior Modules, Part 1

A Rundown of Epicor's Version 10 Modules

Epicor ERP is the perfect example of a modular system, but what exactly does that mean? Modular programming refers to software development that separates a program into interchangeable modules that make up the final software instance. This approach is...

How to Host Software in the Cloud

Cloud Deployment Tips

Cloud computing is here to stay. Manufacturers and distributors are pining for its mobility, improved asset management and affordability. While many businesses with on-premises enterprise software are working to migrate to the cloud, other companies are just beginning...

Do Small Businesses Need eCommerce?

Magento for Small to Midsize Businesses

An online store was once tough for small businesses to build. Now, the requirement to pay for a domain name, developer and web host is a thing of the past as eCommerce software such as Magento makes it easier than ever to create web stores. Still, larger...

ERP Social Collaboration Boosts Efficiency

Crucial Benefits of Epicor Social Enterprise 

The purpose of ERP software is to bring together your organizational processes and provide a single source of truth for your company data. Thus, it seems like second nature that ERP should also become a uniting force for your business—and that is...

HVAC Wholesalers Heat Up Profits with Epicor

Epicor for HVAC Wholesalers

3 Reasons to Integrate ERP and eCommerce


Combine Magento and Epicor for Success

In an increasingly competitive marketplace, enterprise software integration provides the efficiency and accuracy to differentiate manufacturers and distributors from the pack. Though some businesses look at eCommerce as an unnecessary expense, our digital...

Avoid ERP Failure: Team Up with Epicor Consultants

How ERP Consultants Mitigate Risk

In our 20 years of providing enterprise software solutions, Datix has heard a number of ERP failure stories. These failures have generated a plethora of misconceptions about ERP. Furthermore, as an Epicor Platinum Partner, we have often had to debunk myths...

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