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Epicor Financial Management or QuickBooks?

Epicor FM Vs. QuickBooks

In today's highly regulated marketplace, financial reporting is no cake walk. In fact, it can get downright ugly when financial management initiatives aren't the foundation of many business operations. Without a financial management tool that enforces transaction...

Epicor ERP 10’s Superior Modules, Part 2

A Rundown of Epicor’s Version 10 Modules

Epicor ERP version 10 is a top deployment choice for many mid-market businesses because of the flexibility that the software and its modules possess. Epicor knows that small to midsize manufacturers and distributors need functionality and comprehensive...

Case Study: Export Data From Epicor To Paychex or ADP

Exporting Data from Epicor to Paychex and ADP

Case Study: 

Company: Industrial Transportation Service Provider

Location: Midwest

Company Size: 135 employees

Project: Process improvement project designed to export data from Epicor to Paychex

Preface: The "why" behind the project

For the...


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