How to Find the Best ERP for Discrete Manufacturing

    Discrete Manufacturing ERP 

    Quick Start ERP: Jump-Start Your Earnings

    Quick Start ERP for Manufacturers and Distributors

    What is the Best ERP for Manufacturing?

    What Makes Unity X a Must for Global Manufacturers?

    Manage Multiple Currencies with Unity X

    As the enterprise marketplace becomes increasingly global, small and midsize manufacturers and distributors are getting in on the action. However, currency rates serve as a major obstacle for businesses hoping to expand. Using the wrong exchange rates...

    Why Do Small to Mid-Size Manufacturers Need CRM?

    Microsoft Dynamics 365 for SMB Manufacturers

    Manufacturers are always on the lookout for ways to improve their products and supply chain. However, efficiently building quality goods isn’t enough to drive business. If buyers don’t know about your products, how will they be purchased? No matter...

    Debunking eCommerce Myths

    What's the Truth About Magento eCommerce?

    Myths surrounding eCommerce software cover a wide spectrum, from total dismissal to overconfidence in online store performance. The reality is somewhere in the middle of these extremes. In the vast, digital marketplace, eCommerce is a must. Manufacturers...

    Cut Down on Downtime with Epicor ERP

    How to Use Epicor ERP to Reduce Downtime

    Waste: it’s the number one nemesis of manufacturers and distributors. Whether it’s excess inventory and raw material, hours poured into mundane tasks or money lost to botched projects, every extra cent or minute wasted costs your business customers and...

    Planning, Changing and Growing with ERP Software

    Use Epicor ERP to Grow Your Business

    Constant change and strategic planning tend to be viewed as antithetical. Think of the people in your life: I’m sure you know someone who plans everything carefully, maintaining tight schedules and frequently checking a calendar, in order to follow a strict...

    Manufacturers Elevate Their Business to New Heights Using eCommerce

    Magento Success Stories 

    It might be 2017, but many manufacturers continue to avoid creating an online store in favor of outdated methods such as phone orders and paper catalogs. Truth be told, catalogs are a drain on your resources as clients often toss them in the trash, and with texting and...

    5 Manufacturing Technology Trends in 2015


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