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    Why Small to Mid-Size Manufacturers Need CRM

    Microsoft Dynamics 365 for SMB Manufacturers

    Manufacturers are always on the lookout for ways to improve their products and supply chains. However, efficiently building quality goods isn’t enough to drive business. If buyers don’t know about your products, how will they be purchased? No matter...

    Microsoft Dynamics CRM Drives ROI for Your Business

    Generate ROI from Your CRM 

    When businesses are seeking out the right enterprise software solution, one of the first areas they investigate is how much they’ll get back from their investment. Customer relationship management (CRM) instances deliver a significant return on your investment,...

    Epicor vs Dynamics AX | ERP Comparison

    Microsoft Convergence 2015 Live Look (Open Thread)

    Microsoft Convergence 2015 Live Look (Open Thread)

    Datix Inc. is live at Microsoft Convergence 2015 in Atlanta, GA. We will be bringing you real-time content as it becomes available this week.

    Transfer Account Records Without Transferring Ownership - MS Dynamics CRM

    Transfer account records across users without transferring ownership of all prior activities

    A common question we regularly get from CRM users is how to transfer account records from one user to another without transferring ownership of all prior activities. For example; say you transferred 100...

    CRM Provider in St. Louis

    CRM Provider in St. Louis

    How Much Does CRM Software Cost?

    How Much Does CRM Software Cost?

    One of the most common questions we receive is, "how much does CRM software cost?". This is type of inquiry is is actually pretty straightforward; however there is vital information that will ultimately determine your final CRM software cost.

    Microsoft Caters to a Modern Marketing Executive with CRM Updates

    Does your CRM (customer relationship management) software allow you to effectively reach your customers?  Better than your competition?  New Microsoft updates are expected to help you do just that. Element three, an inbound marketing agency, points out the shift in consumer attitudes reflect how...

    Have You Checked Out the Microsoft CRM Customer Center?

    I took the chance to look at Microsoft Dynamic CRM's online customer care center. There are sections for sales, service, marketing and admin roles. The video section is great for easy tips. If you have less than one minute you can view "Two fast ways to get back to your recent work" only 31...


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