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How to Import Marketing List Contacts into Microsoft Dynamics 365

In this how-to, I will show you the process one of our Datix consultants used to assign a client’s contacts to marketing lists in Microsoft Dynamics 365. The client he was working with had approximately 7,500 contacts that needed to be assigned to one or several of 77 marketing lists in their...

Leadership Skills Needed to be a Tech Enabler

In recent years I have learned a valuable lesson about my role. I have to be a proponent and enabler of technology even though I am managing the operational side of business. In the past, as CFO at another company I was involved with managing the implementation and deployment of an ERP system....

Microsoft Dynamics CRM gets even Better with Parature Acquisition

On January 16, 2014, Posted by Paul Arthur, In Solutions and Services, Microsoft Dynamics CRM With No Comments

Two customer focused companies are joining together to deliver amazing customer experiences. On Tuesday, January, 7, 2014 Microsoft Corp., a Datix partner, announced it had reached a definitive agreement to acquire Parature. By joining forces with Parature, a leading provider of cloud-based...

Industrial Machinery & Equipment Manufacturers Gain Better Customer Experience with Updated ERP


Industrial Machinery & Equipment Manufacturers Gain Better Customer Experience

Epicor software, the global leader in industrial enterprise software and a Datix partner, joined forces with IDC Manufacturing Insights to conduct a study. According to the IDC Study: Industrial Machinery and...

Manage Bandwidth Hungry Applications Effectively

Manage Bandwidth Hungry Applications Effectively

Can your network handle the amount of data, applications and devices your business uses on a daily basis? ERP, enterprise resource management, can be an extremely bandwidth hungry application. With the proper network monitoring and infrastructure...

What's in a name? How Datix Received its Name

On January 13, 2014, Posted by Jay Epperson, In The Datix Insider, Datix: Under the Hood With No Comments
We are a 16 year old software company with a name that might not immediately conjure up exactly what we do. That is unless you learn a little bit more about our back story. Starting with the name: Datix is a combination of Data and UNIX (a  multitaskingmulti-user computer  operating system...

Improved Customer Service: Precision Machining Company Implements ERP

Improved Customer Service: Precision Machining Company Implements ERP

Company: PDS Industries

Location: Irwin, PA

Employees: 110

Solution: Epicor ERP

Industry: Precision Machining for Defense and Aerospace

CEOs Share Their Customer Service Musts

Certain characteristics result in excellent customer service. Bob Evans, the CEO of Churchill Downs: “I love people who are just unwilling to stop until it’s right, whatever that is, they don’t stop until it’s right.”  Forbes Contributor, Robert Reiss sat down with Evans and other CEOs to get...

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