Epicor ERP 101: Implementing Handheld Devices

    How to Use Epicor from Any Device

    Handheld devices provide critical access for Epicor ERP software users who need to complete operations while not by a desktop—whether that’s at a client meeting or on the shop floor. They can range from mobile phones to barcode scanners, but they all need to be...

    2017's Hottest Manufacturing Technology Trend

    The world of manufacturing is changing at lightning speed. The product market is flooded with options, and increasingly agile shop floors are allowing consumers the ability to customize their orders more than ever. The preponderance of choice means that modern manufacturers must be flexible and...

    The Rundown On The New Epicor ERP Configurator

    Do You Need Epicor's Latest Configurator?

    The Epicor ERP configurator may only come into play for specific industries or verticals, but if it is relevant to your operations, prepare to be impressed. The Epicor ERP configurator boasts an ability to drill down even further into every part being...

    Choosing the Perfect Cloud Provider for CRM or ERP

    On July 07, 2017, Posted by Jessica Staley, In ERP, cloud erp system, CRM With No Comments

    So, after weighing up all of the different hosting options for your enterprise software, you’ve decided to go for a cloud-based CRM or ERP for its scalability, ease of implementation and lower total cost of ownership. Decision done—now just to move on with the rest of the implementation. Easy,...

    How Epicor ERP Can Change Automotive Aftermarket Suppliers’ Lives

    In any crowded market that values high specialization to stay competitive—like the aftermarket automotive industry—businesses can require very specific software solutions just to keep up.

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