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Innovation Starts from Within: Why Datix Hired a LaunchCode Apprentice

On July 31, 2014, Posted by TJ McDowell, In The Datix Insider, Datix: Under the Hood With No Comments

Innovation Starts from Within

Datix is always looking for ways to innovate and bring fresh, new ideas to its clients. Hard coded into the DNA of our company is entrepreneurship and the drive toward constant innovation. So it is no surprise that the company turned to an innovative, local tech...

Putting Relationships back into Your Business

A brief look at Google's search volume reveals people are interested in the relationship portion of "customer relationship management." Key terms including: "relationship manager," "client relationship manager" and "client relationship" are rising terms. This interest is encouraging for...

Why St. Louis is a Great place to Live & Do Business

What makes a city, founded in 1764, situated along the Mississippi River, a great place to live and do business? Celebrating 250 years, St. Louis has taken strides in the recent years to revitalize the downtown portion of the city along with several historic neighborhoods. As a result residents...

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