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CRM Selection Guide and Best Practices

The Only CRM Selection Guide You Need

3 Easy Ways To Manage Customer Relationships

3 Easy Ways To Manage Customer Relationships

If you ask around, you will find that most business leaders probably feel that their organization could be a bit more polished and organized when it comes to how they currently manage customer relationships, both new and old. Managing new and...

Best CRM: Microsoft Dynamics 365 vs. Salesforce — Reporting

Determining the Best CRM for Your Business

The question is inevitable: "What is the best CRM for my business?" When considering options for your organization, the choices of CRM software can seem overwhelming,with every vendor promising the latest update and innovative new feature. How do you...

Are CRM and ERP Software Full of Empty Promises?

The Truth About CRM & ERP Software

I recently spoke with a company at a local user group meeting that was just finishing a quick start CRM system deployment. They shared with me a sentiment regarding their new system that I was becoming very familiar with. Once their system had gone live, it...

Mapping Dynamics CRM To Sales Process | Why We Did It...

Epicor vs Dynamics AX | ERP Comparison

Epicor vs Sage X3

Epicor vs Sage X3

For many seeking a dynamic new ERP solution, drafting a shortlist is not always easy. In fact, investors often find it difficult to self-identify with the many leading solutions on the market today. This involves a procuring a complete analysis of process work flows, company...

Visualforce Remote Objects HTML Encode | XSS Analysis

Visualforce Remote Objects HTML Encode | XSS Analysis

As a certified Salesforce partner, a common subject that we've noticed popping up is the act of a Visualforce Remote Objects HTML Encode; an XSS analysis. XSS stands for Cross Site Scripting and is in the OWASP Top 10 Vulnerability list. An...

How Will Enterprise Software Generate ROI Next Year?

How Will Enterprise Software Generate ROI Next Year?


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