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Unity vs. SYNC: Epicor ERP and CRM Integration Showdown

The world of enterprise software is booming. New systems are popping up every day to support every kind of business process imaginable. Instead of just splurging on one all-encompassing system that may do some things well and not others, businesses are opting to go the best-of-breed route and...

Datix to Feature on Worldwide Business with kathy ireland®, Sunday June 25th!


Our Free CRM & ERP Implementation E-Book Can Help You Avoid Failure

Free CRM & ERP Implementation E-Book


Enterprise software projects are known for sapping funds and taking way longer than expected to complete. When it’s all said and done, employee's jobs hinge on the ERP implementation plan or CRM implementation strategy employed. Your end-system is...

New from Insights: Upgrades in Data Productivity Coming to Epicor ERP

Insights, Epicor’s largest global customer conference took place last week in Nashville—and every year the leading manufacturing and distribution ERP vendor comes out with exciting updates and revamps to its line of enterprise software products. Last week, we covered the new option for dedicated...

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