ERP Functions Every Project-Based Manufacturer Needs

    Epicor ERP for Project-Based Manufacturing

    Earlier this week, in a post covering ERP for discrete manufacturing, we explained the importance of finding an enterprise software system built not only for general manufacturing operations but for your specific manufacturing needs. For example, a...

    Guide to Managing Multiple Currencies

    Mitigate Risk in the Global Marketplace

    Enterprise software solutions ranging from Epicor ERP to Salesforce or Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM empower businesses to prosper by using predictive analytics tools that leverage historical data to enable smarter decision making. Too bad that doesn’t work...

    Why Management Software Is A Bad Investment

    Why Management Software Is A Bad Investment

    Why is a software consulting firm that provides some of the world's leading management software writing about how investing in enterprise technology should be considered a poor financial investment? The fact of the matter is that it's true....


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