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    "Women in Tech" Datix, Inc. Employees Weigh In

    On October 16, 2013, Posted by Paul Arthur, In The Datix Insider, Datix: Under the Hood With No Comments

    Cnet-panel-women-in-techWith so much in the news about women in tech we wanted to have some of our own 'women in tech' weigh in. A quick perusal of LinkedIn and you will see articles about this topic.  Case in point, Vivek Wadhwa wrote a poignant article about Silicon Valley's tech scene writing that fellow power brokers, "believe they know a successful entrepreneur, engineer, or business executive when they see one. Sadly, the pattern is always a Mark Zuckerberg, Marc Andreessen, Jeff Bezos—or themselves: nerdy white males."

    His article struck some nerves in his community and with us as well. At Datix, we are all about hiring the right person for the job. We are hiring responsibly and focusing on fostering a culture of innovation and warmth. We also recognize that this is a perennial issue and one facing our nation's global competitiveness. While we as one company can not change an entire system we believe in practicing what we preach. We want to see women take on more responsibility in STEM fields and excel.  One of our employees will weigh in on what  challenges she sees as a "woman in tech."

    Paul Arthur

    Paul Arthur

    Vice President of Solution Engineering, Paul is an experienced strategic business development professional. He is highly regarded for his ability to implement continuous process improvements to reduce costs, maximize profits and improve quality with increased throughput.

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