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    Give Your ERP Some TLC

    Tips for ERP Upkeep

    As we’ve established in several of our blog posts, implementing enterprise resource planning (ERP) software requires careful decision making and a commitment to following best practices. Businesses can’t forget to develop change management strategies, put together a project...

    How to Backup and Restore Epicor 10 Database

    Step-by-Step Guide to ERP Backup and Recovery

    In addition to providing insight into what Epicor has in store for future products and development, the Epicor Insights 2018 conference also included helpful hands-on labs that explained how to perform critical operations that ensure ERP instances...

    Setting Up Routine Backup for Epicor Progress Database

    Looking to set up and schedule a routine backup for your Epicor Progress database? How about one that will remove old backups after a specified number of days and compresses the backup file to save space?

    This week's Tech Toolbox has an example of a batch file that does just that. It also...


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