5 Epicor ERP Success Stories

    How Does Epicor Transform Businesses? 

    Too many manufacturers and distributors are missing out on lucrative business opportunities and putting their company at risk by relying on outdated technology to manage their operations. Organizations can’t afford to let information gaps and production...

    The Combined Power of ERP and Lean Six Sigma

    Use ERP to Enforce Lean Six Sigma 

    Leading manufacturers are constantly on the lookout for ways to decrease waste and improve quality. However, some businesses fail to see these developments because they view enterprise resource planning (ERP) software as a hindrance to these goals. What they...

    Become a Masterful Lean Manufacturer With ERP

    5 Reasons to Implement ERP for Lean Manufacturing

    There’s an idea floating around the manufacturing world that a lean shop floor cannot take on expensive, complex ERP software. Now, on the surface this might seem true—lean manufacturing is all about trending your business towards zero waste....


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