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    ERP is Driving the Future of American Manufacturing

    Epicor ERP Transforms Manufacturing

    Halfway through the year, U.S. manufacturing is showing no signs of slowing down. The National Association of Manufacturers’ (NAM) most recent Manufacturers’ Outlook Survey found that over 95% of manufacturers have a positive outlook for their company, the...

    Why Homegrown ERP is a Thing of the Past

    Don’t Build ERP from Scratch

    Oh, the good old days. Large corporations dishing out giant sums of money, IT teams slaving over an unwieldy system, disjointed modules, no access to real-time data, poor collaboration. . .. Yep, these were the early days of ERP. The original ERP market didn’t have...

    Recruiting in the Digital Age

    Epicor HCM for Recruiting

    Digital technology touches just about every aspect of our lives, especially business. That means the days of job searching in newspapers and mailing hard copies of resumes are pretty much obsolete. Instead, we search and apply for positions online. In order to find...

    Getting the Most Out of Your Workforce with Epicor HCM

    Epicor Human Capital Management

    A popular misconception is that enterprise software makes workers increasingly irrelevant by automating tasks. If the software system is updating, syncing and organizing data on its own, what’s the workforce left to do? Rather than render jobs unnecessary, ERP...

    Epicor ERP 10’s Superior Modules, Part 2

    A Rundown of Epicor’s Version 10 Modules

    Epicor ERP version 10 is a top deployment choice for many mid-market businesses because of the flexibility that the software and its modules possess. Epicor knows that small to midsize manufacturers and distributors need functionality and comprehensive...

    Epicor ERP 10’s Superior Modules, Part 1

    A Rundown of Epicor's Version 10 Modules

    Epicor ERP is the perfect example of a modular system, but what exactly does that mean? Modular programming refers to software development that separates a program into interchangeable modules that make up the final software instance. This approach is...

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