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3 Reasons to Switch Your On-Premise Software to Microsoft Azure Cloud

Keep Up with the Technological Revolution

In the wake of the constantly changing technological revolution, businesses must adapt to modern technology to remain competitive. For example, adopting cloud-hosted technology can be a huge business advantage.

Is Your Remote Work Environment Secure? Here’s How to Keep It Safe

The Rise of Cybercrime During the COVID-19 Pandemic 

Technology has made remarkable progress over the last decade allowing businesses to grow exponentially. But as technology continues to evolve, so do hackers. As employees continue to work remotely your business is at more risk for...

Don’t Fall Victim to ERP Security Breaches

Tips for ERP Data Protection

With the recent uncovering of the Facebook and Cambridge Analytica scandal and the upcoming GDPR mandates, data security is on everyone’s mind. This proves especially true for businesses with enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems who depend on their software to...


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