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3 Unexpected Benefits of ERP

Overlooked ERP Advantages 

Enterprise resource planning (ERP) software consists of a wide array of tools that manage back-end business processes, such as accounting, production and inventory management. Any ERP vendor or value-added reseller will tout the software’s power to standardize...

5 Signs You Need an ERP Consultant

Should You Hire an ERP Expert? 

Data conversion, business process modeling, vendor selection, user training—the ERP implementation process consists of multiple steps and considerations that you must undergo fully to meet deadlines and gain a return on your investment. Cut corners or rush tasks,...

Buyers Guide To Software Selection Infographic


Call Business Object Using C# Code in Epicor 10

Automate Business Processes: C# Code in Epicor 10

After our consultants wrote a quick guide on how to call business objects in Epicor using ABL/4GL code, we've received several inquires regarding the code for performing this same action in Epicor version 10, which uses C# language. So, we've put...

Call Business Objects From BPM Using 4GL/ABL Code

Call Business Objects From BPM Using 4GL/ABL Code

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