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CRM Social Collaboration

social CRM for business helps customer engagement

CRM Social Collaboration

Giant multinationals to mid-size regional businesses are tapping into the power of social CRM.

Carolyn Baird, global CRM research leader at IBM was quoted in 1 to 1 Media saying the integration of social media with CRM strategies is "the next frontier for organizations that want to optimize the power of social interactions to get closer to customers."

She says social media "holds unprecedented potential for companies to get closer to customers, therefore increasing revenue, reducing costs, and creating efficiencies.”

Customers don’t want to be managed, instead they want to be treated like humans, much in the same way we engage face-to-face.

Jon Ferrara, CEO of Nimble, believes social media has reawakened us to these values.

“Our culture of “social networks” is changing our expectations about the people and companies we engage with. Customers don’t want to be “acquired”; they don’t want to be “managed.” They want to be delighted and empowered. They want to work with companies that care about them. People want to connect with real people, and they want to know, like, and trust the people they do business with.” He calls this the ‘Renaissance of customer engagement.’

Social CRM Kimberly Clark provided by Salesforce Image Source: Salesforce.com

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Kimberly-Clark, as a global personal goods company, uses social tools continually to improve their sales and customer relations.

“Social makes this huge world we live in much, much smaller," adds Mike McCranie, Global Director, Information Technology.

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Paul Arthur

Paul Arthur

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