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Epicor Strengthens Cloud ERP with Microsoft Azure

By Matt Schuval

Epicor Cloud Microsoft Azure

Epicor Announces Partnership with Microsoft Azure

The most exciting announcement from this year’s Epicor Insights conference was the upcoming partnership between Microsoft and Epicor. The ERP giant is working with Microsoft to deliver their products on the Microsoft Azure cloud platform, beginning with Epicor ERP and Prophet 21. Microsoft Azure consists of cloud services made to drive productivity for businesses of all sizes and industries. For manufacturers, Azure enables factories to become smarter and more responsive by creating agile supply chains and providing actionable insights.

Recently, Microsoft has focused its sights on intelligent edge computing solutions, which work to process and analyze data at the site where data is generated. This mitigates costs and security risks by analyzing data at the location of its creation rather than through a data center or third party. A couple of the innovations which drive the intelligent edge include artificial intelligence (AI) and the Internet of Things (IoT). Azure’s flexible platform includes an impressive array of pre-built AI and machine learning (ML) tools which power deep learning and productivity. Advanced features can be deployed in minutes and drive insight on any device.

Epicor made this move in response to increasing customer demands for cloud deployments. With over three-quarters of prospects seeking cloud ERP, Epicor wanted to enhance its cloud offerings by utilizing the flexibility and security of Microsoft Azure. The ERP vendor looks forward to making its solutions more powerful and intuitive than ever by leveraging Azure’s cutting-edge functions. Additionally, Epicor looks forward to improving search, speech-to-text and other processes to simplify operations and support customer-centric manufacturing.

This recent announcement is further proof of Epicor’s dedication to continuously refine products to enhance their clients’ businesses. Datix, an Epicor Platinum Partner, looks forward to the vendor’s new and improved Azure intelligent cloud platform. In our 20 years of providing software solutions to midmarket manufacturing and distribution clients, we’ve experienced firsthand how cloud-hosted ERP solutions reduce costs and drive productivity.

Epicor is using the best cloud platform for its solutions; make sure you also team up with the best Epicor consulting firm to get your cloud-hosted ERP implementation done right. Get in touch with Datix’s ERP experts today!


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