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    All-New Epicor 10 Connector

    Epicor ERP 10 Connector

    Better Connectivity, Speed and Performance  

    Datix’s expert developers are at it again. Adding to its already expansive list of integration solutions, Datix released an all-new Epicor 10 Connector. This connector empowers manufacturers and distributors to streamline the flow of data from the top floor to the shop floor. It seamlessly syncs data from your Epicor 10 instance to any of your front-end systems, such as CRM, eCommerce or Marketing Automation software. With data synced between your platforms, users can execute tasks efficiently through accessing accurate, up-to-date information.  

    But what is it that really sets the connector apart? It’s Datix’s unmatched Epicor expertise. An Epicor Platinum Partner, our consulting firm was able to leverage our deep understanding of the solution to develop the most advanced E10 connector on the market. It accounts for the latest developments from the vendor to provide users with fast, reliable performance. Some of the connector’s functions include: 

    • Better error messages, enabling Datix consultants to quickly get to the root of a problem 
    • Form customization support 
    • Access to all the query functionality and data from Epicor BAQs 
    • Support for REST and SOAP API 
    • Management of automated backups 
    • Cloud and on-premises support 

    With this connector, businesses can fully capitalize on the capabilities of Epicor 10. The solution accommodates unlimited datasets without slowing down. Whether 100 records or 100,000 records, our connector can process all your information while still performing at 10 times the speed of our existing Unity integration solutions.  

    To learn more about the E10 connector and our other enterprise software solutions and services, reach out to one of our consultants today!  


    Matt Schuval

    Matt Schuval

    Matt, the Chief Executive Officer at Datix, is a thought leader in the ERP community and President of the Epicor Partner Council. He has a strong industry background that has allowed him to transform Datix into one of the top enterprise software consultants in the U.S.

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