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    Crystal Reports Technique: Passing Data from Subreport to Parent

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    On a couple of occasions, we've needed to sum data or concatenate a string within a Crystal Reports subreport, and then pass the data back to the parent report for display. The key to doing this is passing the data in a variable within a Formula Field that exists on both the Crystal Reports subreport and parent report. Follow our method of passing data from subreport to parent report.


    How to Pass the Data

    In the subreport, do all your necessary calculations in a Formula Field, which should be added into the Report Footer. Add the following code into the Formula Field:

    Shared CurrencyVar grandTotal := {@calculatedSum};


    The Shared qualifier allows you to pass the data through a declared variable. We declared the variable as a CurrencyVar, but you will need to declare your variable with the appropriate type. Other types are StringVar or NumberVar.

    You can set the variable to a summed value or another Formula Field.

    Now in the parent, add a Formula Field with the same name. Add similar code to access the variable and make sure the variable name is the same.

    Shared CurrencyVar grandTotal;


    Now drag the Formula Field onto your report.

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    TJ McDowell

    TJ McDowell

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