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    Call Business Objects From BPM Using 4GL/ABL Code

    ABL-4GL code Epicor

    Call Business Objects From BPM Using 4GL/ABL Code

    Interested in how to progress 4GL/ABL code to call Epicor business objects from a BPM? Good, we thought you might be.

    Below is the source code that you can insert to automate Epicor business processes.

    Here is the source.

    {Bpm/Bpm.i &OBJECT_NAME=UD08 }
    define input parameter iKey1 as character.
    define input parameter iKey2 as character.
    define input parameter iKey3 as character.

    define variable morePages as logical.
    define variable i as integer.
    define variable hUD08 as handle.

    RUN bo\UD08\UD08.p PERSISTENT SET hUD08.


    RUN GetRows IN hUD08 (input "Key1 = '" + iKey1 + "' and Key2 = '" + iKey2 + "' and Key3 = '" + iKey3 + "'", input "", {&output_dataset_UD08DataSet}, input 0, input 0, output morePages).
    for each ttUD08:
    message "good".
    RUN DeleteByID IN hUD08 (input ttUD08.Key1, input ttUD08.Key2, input ttUD08.Key3, input ttUD08.Key4, input ttUD08.Key5) NO-ERROR.
    RUN GetRows IN hUD08 (input "Key1 = '" + STRING(iKey1) + "'", input "", {&output_dataset_UD08DataSet}, input 0, input 0, output morePages) NO-ERROR.

    RUN GetaNewUD08 IN hUD08 ( {&input-output_dataset_UD08DataSet} ) NO-ERROR.

    for each ttUD08 where ttUD08.RowMod = "A":
    assign ttUD08.Key1 = iKey1.
    assign ttUD08.Key2 = iKey1.
    assign ttUD08.Key3 = iKey3.

    RUN Update IN hUD08 ({&input-output_dataset_UD08DataSet}) NO-ERROR.
    else do:
    message "Could not create handle to UD08.p!".

    delete object hUD08.

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