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5 Signs that Your Business Needs ERP Software

By Thomas Falteich

Business Needs ERP

Do You Need ERP? 

No organization should make major investments or changes without thorough consideration. That includes undergoing an enterprise resource planning (ERP) software implementation. Having said that, some businesses will stay the course or delay making decisions because they’re hesitant to go outside their comfort zone. When manufacturers or distributors are slow to make the switch to an up-to-date ERP system, they can stumble into roadblocks that cost them big.  

Don’t put your enterprise at risk. If you’re experiencing any of the five problems in your operations, it’s time to really look into an ERP implementation.  

1. Poor Operational Visibility 

Manufacturers and distributors can’t effectively manage their supply chains without total insight at every step of the way. But without an ERP solution, they often find themselves struggling to access reports and data when they need them. Or waiting weeks for necessary raw materials to show up. Or unable to view inventory levels. Without visibility into their processes, users can’t notice these critical shortcomings, resulting in detrimental downtime.  

ERP software is built to facilitate end-to-end insight. Epicor ERP, for example, includes an array of tools that ensures there are no blind spots in your operations. The Manufacturing Execution System (MES) makes it easy to gain real-time visibility throughout the plant floor, collecting machine data day in and day out to help you maintain production efficiency. With the inventory management module, users can take advantage of color-coded or barcode scanning systems to track products from request to fulfillment. Designed with a full range of capabilities, the supply chain management module powers visibility throughout the value chain, enabling you to synchronize processes and accelerate deliveries.  

2. Outdated Systems 

Organizations can be stubborn to let go of their outdated systems. After relying so long on platforms such as legacy ERP software, QuickBooks or Excel, a new ERP instance can feel like an intimidating next step. But the longer you stay with your legacy solutions, the more likely you are to experience errors and inefficiencies that inhibit growth. When you encounter delays, your vendor probably won’t be able to provide support. When your business grows or you need to modify operations in line with new demands, your older system won’t be responsive enough to keep up. 

Keeping your business secure and efficient requires up-to-date ERP solutions. The latest ERP solutions include patches and other safety features to protect you from new threats. They also provide innovative technology to help you gain an edge over your competition. Epicor provides predictive analytics and embedded business intelligence to give you unparalleled insights, so you can plan for your business’s next move. Cutting-edge tools are available within Epicor’s user-friendly infrastructure to promote widespread adoption, no matter your users' level of software experience.  

3. Inability to Meet Customer Needs 

Today’s customers won’t settle for anything subpar. Failure to provide accurate information, answer questions fast, customize orders or deliver products on time are all recipes for disaster. Though ERP is often not looked at in terms of customer experience, it’s an integral part of optimizing the buyer’s journey. Streamlined processes yield an increase in on-time deliveries. Greater visibility amounts to better precision, so you can answer each customer query and provide accurate products. Epicor’s agility also enables you to change orders or plan for changes in customer demand at a moment’s notice, giving customers the fast service and performance they crave.  

4. Major Business Changes 

Businesses dream of expanding into new markets and landing multi-million-dollar clients, but these dreams can come crashing down when your outdated systems fail to deliver the performance you need to support major changes. Spreadsheets and post-its can’t serve as a central hub for accurate, real-time data to enable users across your enterprise to manage processes. QuickBooks can’t handle big data or multiple, global accounts. Your legacy ERP can’t easily accommodate multiple servers or high transaction volume. 

With Epicor, no expansion or client is too big to manage. Its scalability can support multiple databases and servers across the world as well as higher manufacturing capacity and complex supply chains. Robust global management modules provide the functionality to synthesize international operations and take care of requirements for multiple regulations, currencies and locations. Epicor gives you the agility and transparency to view your entire enterprise and respond to new business needs fast.  

5. Slow, Manual Processes 

As your business accrues more and more data, your employees can’t feasibly enter information into your system quickly and accurately. This creates costly errors and processes that take forever to complete. Our consultants have seen ERP systems cut operations down from weeks to hours, all through the power of automation. Just about any repetitive, manual task can be automated through ERP software. Epicor captures enterprise data in real time and automates processes throughout the supply chain, so you’re never wasting time.  

Wrap Up  

Manual processes, acquisitions, legacy systems—nothing should be slowing down your business. But when manufacturers and distributors go too long without a modern ERP system, they inevitably encounter issues that impact their bottom line. Epicor ERP will smooth over common business obstacles, whether you’re an SMB or a global enterprise. Its comprehensive modules, sophisticated functionality and user-friendly platform are intended to support a variety of businesses seeking to optimize their performance. 

An Epicor Gold Partner with over 20 years in business, Datix understands how to address each client’s specific pain points. With ERP, CRM, eCommerce, BI and more, we offer the most robust solutions to support your enterprise from the top floor to the shop floor. Plus, our Unity integration application seamlessly connects Epicor with front-office software to further streamline operations and encourage business growth.  

If your enterprise is experiencing any of these five dilemmas, contact our expert consultants today to begin transforming your business through software! 


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