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Get the Most Out of Epicor ERP Dashboards

What Are the Advantages of Epicor's Dashboards?

Anyone who has gotten behind the steering wheel of an older car has probably noticed some major differences between old and new models. One area of improvement in automotive technology is the dashboard. The dashboards of earlier cars usually...

Get the Best of Both Worlds with Hybrid Cloud ERP

Why All the Buzz About Hybrid Cloud ERP?

While cloud-based ERP systems have certainly taken off in popularity in the past couple of years, many businesses are still concerned about transferring their ERP to the web and an outside vendor. Whether those concerns are related to data security or...

Implementing Enterprise Software is Like Cooking a Turkey

As much as people enjoy eating a Thanksgiving turkey, preparing the turkey is a different story. Cooking an entire turkey is notoriously difficult, but when it’s cooked just right with all your favorite sides and stuffing, it becomes well worth the effort. However, when the turkey is burnt,...

Use Big Data to Predict Your Next Business Move

The Power of Big Data and Predictive Analytics

Throw away the tarot cards, put the crystal ball on the shelf and discard your Magic 8-Ball. The tools that will predict your company’s future can be found in enterprise software. With constant new developments in technology and enterprise...

Preparing for the Future with Enterprise Software

Use ERP and CRM for Long-Term Business Success

Implementing enterprise software, such as an ERP or CRM platform, requires a little bit of insight. Sure, you want to install a system that supports your current business practices, but your software should also feature the functionality and...

Holiday Shopping Rush, Part 2: eCommerce

Use Magento to Prepare for the Holiday Rush

In part one, we covered the challenges of managing supply and demand during the holidays. This installment focuses on the struggle to maintain your online store during a period of heavy traffic. Online stores are crucial in our modern digital...

Escape the Excel Prison: Enter Data Efficiently with ERP

Why Epicor ERP Beats Out Excel

Excel has long served as the primary method of storing lists, data and inventory. But for workers who enter information into Excel day-in and day-out, the tool becomes something of a prison. As they plug numbers into the cells, they also feel trapped in a cell,...

Holiday Shopping Rush, Part 1: ERP

Drive Revenue During the Holidays with Epicor

The holiday season might be the most wonderful time of the year, but it is also a time of stress. Throughout November and December, consumers scramble for the best deals for holiday presents, often dealing with poor customer service and mistakes with...

Datix Goes Platinum

On November 08, 2017, Posted by Jessica Staley, In Epicor® ERP, ERP, Epicor® Platinum Partner With No Comments

Datix Becomes an Epicor Platinum Partner

All the big software consulting firms said it was impossible. A humble, Midwest company? The only Epicor partner in the state of Missouri? There’s no way Datix will go Platinum. But we did it! Recently, Datix became an Epicor Platinum Partner, achieving...

And They’re Off: Race Between Legacy ERP And Epicor 10

Legacy ERP vs. Epicor 10: Which Will Win?

In the fast-paced modern enterprise marketplace, you need software that can keep up with your growing needs. Software is often like a car in that it becomes a risky money pit as it ages. Cars are expensive and hurt your wallet after the initial purchase,...

Planning, Changing and Growing with ERP Software

Use Epicor ERP to Grow Your Business

Constant change and strategic planning tend to be viewed as antithetical. Think of the people in your life: I’m sure you know someone who plans everything carefully, maintaining tight schedules and frequently checking a calendar, in order to follow a strict...

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