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Top Ecommerce Provider Znode becomes Sitecore Technology Partner

On September 19, 2013, Posted by Paul Arthur, In Solutions and Services, Services, znode With No Comments

Online shopping just got a whole lot better. Not only for customers, but for companies and developers too. This month Znode, an ecommerce platform, became an official Sitecore Technology Partner.

Znode/Sitecore Integration

Now, the leading.NET ecommerce software provider, zNode, and the best...

Customer Centric CEOs Should Have a 'Generosity Gene'

Science has been confirming the notion that people are hard-wired for generosity. Certain parts of the brain light up when we donate to a worthy charity, concluded a study by neuroscientist  Jordan Grafman, PhD., of the Rehabilitation Institute of Chicago. This type of giving and the positive...

How Your B2B Company Can Gain Brand Advocates

Your B2B Company Can Gain Brand Advocates

So your company is not Coca-Cola you’re a B2B distributor, you sell aerospace components or manufacture rubber and plastics. How can your company gain brand advocates?

Brand advocates, says Social Media Today, are defined as individuals that promote and...

Revive Your ERP System


Revive Your ERP System

If you want to get the full use of your ERP system you must properly integrate it with the other platforms that make your business work. Things like  your CRM or SCM you will help you get the most out of your enterprise software. It often isn't as much about the...

How to Call a BAQ from Script Editor in Epicor ERP

Call a BAQ from Script Editor

For this Epicor tutorial, I wanted to share a tip I have learned while working with a Business Activity Query (BAQ) in Epicor: how to call a BAQ from Script Editor.

After a BAQ has been created, you can then call the BAQ from code within the script editor inside of...

CRM Social Collaboration

CRM Social Collaboration

Giant multinationals to mid-size regional businesses are tapping into the power of social CRM.

Carolyn Baird, global CRM research leader at IBM was quoted in 1 to 1 Media saying the integration of social media with CRM strategies is "the next frontier for organizations...

Better Data With Updated Epicor ERP Feature for Microsoft Office Excel

Epicor, with more than 20,000 customers worldwide, has perfected the art of the ERP system. They make updates to their current software when it makes users'  lives easier. The time saving and hassle reducing XL Connect is now available for Epicor 9.05. So what does this mean for my business?


What We Can All Learn from Start-Ups

Your company might be a few months old or a few hundred years old. Change is inevitable and we can still learn from the start-up mentality. In an interview by Inc.com's Issie Lapowsky, sits down with Paul Graham, Y Combinator founder to answer the fundamental question with start-ups: Why do some...

3 Tips for Excellent Customer Centric Service

Customer service tends to get a bad rap. Or at the very least conjures up flash backs to negative experiences with a detached and impersonal sales representative.  We remember the positive experiences so clearly because they seem to happen infrequently. Fortunately, poor customer service can be...

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