Why ERP and BI are a Perfect Pair

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    ERP and BI: More than Just Buzzwords

    The tech industry has its fair share of buzzwords and acronyms, often making tools and processes sound a lot more intimidating than they really are. Case in point: BI. BI, or Business Intelligence, refers to the process of analyzing an organization’s data using advanced technology to enable smarter decision making. Once available only to corporate powerhouses, cloud technology has made BI available for small to mid-sized businesses.

    ERP software has also become increasingly accessible to smaller companies, streamlining processes throughout enterprises of all sizes. But what is the use of ERP if your instance lacks access to hard data? Furthermore, what is the use of BI without the technology that automates and manages processes? That’s why BI and ERP belong together. By getting the most from your data, the combined powers of Epicor ERP and BI make even small and mid-size manufacturers strong forces in their industries.

    Meaningful Information from Big Data

    Data is growing exponentially, but manufacturers are taking advantage of only a tiny fraction of this information. Small to mid-size businesses are overloaded with so much information that it’s impossible to get a grip on every dataset to drive smart decision making—rendering all that money spent on data tracking a waste. What is a company to do to get a return on their investment and leverage massive amounts of data?

    By connecting ERP with BI, big data transforms into readable reports that drive effective business strategies. BI tools digest a wealth of data from shipping and logistics to ERP processes and your business model, resulting in meaningful information delivered in as few reports as possible. With a cloud-based BI solution fully integrated into Epicor Prophet 21, Epicor Data Analytics (EDA) provides the optimal tools for getting the most out of every bit of data. Production monitoring and business activity queries (BAQs) built right into your Epicor instance enable businesses of any size to make sense of real-time data. Plus, with predictive analytics, manufacturers can also leverage data to productively plan for their next move.

    Functionality and Flexibility

    BI tools provide all the information you need right from your device, but what good is that if your interface is so rigid and clunky that this data is indecipherable? This was the dilemma faced in the early days of BI. Fortunately, BI technology has evolved to offer functional, flexible user experiences, enabling all workers to get the information they need in clear formats. EDA not only presents data in a sensible format but also gives users the flexibility to integrate data from multiple databases. Though EDA’s six data modules are built in, they can still be modified, ensuring your data is displayed and organized to meet your business needs.

    In addition to Epicor’s BI solutions, Microsoft also created a BI tool that empowers users to get the most from their data. With Microsoft’s Power BI, users can search and draw reports based on common word searches, just like a Google search, making the reporting process easier and more familiar to employees. Power BI and EDA prove that business intelligence has come a long way in helping businesses of any size take advantage of their data.

    Wrap Up

    The combined powers of ERP and BI might be just the thing that sets your business apart from the competition. But ERP and BI aren’t the only dream team. Make sure your business partners with expert consultants who know how to get the most from both your ERP and BI features. With over 20 years in business and our status as an Epicor Platinum Partner, Datix has the innovative techniques to deliver software solutions tailored to your business’s unique needs. Unity, our flagship integration platform, merges a myriad of software, including BI platforms and Epicor ERP, to create a single source of truth and streamline processes.

    Make your business work smarter, not harder. Contact Datix today to learn about our BI and ERP solutions!


    Matt Schuval

    Matt Schuval

    Matt, the Chief Executive Officer at Datix, is a thought leader in the ERP community and President of the Epicor Partner Council. He has a strong industry background that has allowed him to transform Datix into one of the top enterprise software consultants in the U.S.

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