Traits of a Customer Company


    Traits of a Customer Company

    We hear buzzwords like customer centric and social enterprise bantered around on a daily basis. If you are wondering what it really looks like to be a customer company, take a look at recommendations by Datix partner, In today’s ever connected world, our customers are voicing their opinions about our brands, companies and the experiences they have.

    A Customer Company is…

      • Available 24/7
      • Any Place its customers happen to be
      • Listens first to every customer, on every channel
      • Connects with customers, employees, partners and products
      • Is grateful for each customer’s business and shows it
      • Creates communities
      • And respects your identity, privacy and money
      • Thrives from the inside out, by giving its employees a way to collaborate with each other
      • Always has up-to-date data

    Watch this video by about the traits of a customer centric company.

    What would you add? In your experience has software helped you better reach your customers?

    Paul Arthur

    Paul Arthur

    Vice President of Solution Engineering, Paul is an experienced strategic business development professional. He is highly regarded for his ability to implement continuous process improvements to reduce costs, maximize profits and improve quality with increased throughput.

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