Technology Roadmaps Steer Software Implementations Forward

    The 5 Essential Stages of Software Process Integration

    CRM and ERP Training Strategy for Your Next Project

    It’s no secret that enterprise software like CRM and ERP can truly revolutionize the way your business operates, connecting your shop floor with your sales team in entirely new (and more efficient ways) to share data and streamline processes across your entire operation. Partly because...

    4 Myths About Cloud IPaaS Integration That Just Aren’t True

    IPaaS (Integration Platform as a Service) is one of the latest up-and-coming technology trends that the manufacturing world doesn’t seem to have caught on to yet. The idea is simple: taking the integration platforms that have existed for a long time within the enterprise world i.e. CRM and ERP...

    What Is The Best ERP For Manufacturing?

    3 Reasons Your Go Live Date Should Never Be January 1st


    5 Reasons Business Systems Eat Up Profits Every Year

    Business Systems Eat Up Profits Every Year

    You may be one of those seated quaintly in the budget meeting trying to determine why the business systems financial plan has cut into three, four, or event  five percent of profit year after year. You observe the same solution brought forth to you...

    Are CRM and ERP Software Full of Empty Promises?

    The Truth About CRM & ERP Software

    I recently spoke with a company at a local user group meeting that was just finishing a quick start CRM system deployment. They shared with me a sentiment regarding their new system that I was becoming very familiar with. Once their system had gone live, it...

    Visualforce Remote Objects HTML Encode | XSS Analysis

    Visualforce Remote Objects HTML Encode | XSS Analysis

    As a certified Salesforce partner, a common subject that we've noticed popping up is the act of a Visualforce Remote Objects HTML Encode; an XSS analysis. XSS stands for Cross Site Scripting and is in the OWASP Top 10 Vulnerability list. An...

    The Shared Enterprise: Why Enterprise Data Matters To Millennials

    Why Enterprise Data Matters To Millennials

    How does your company position itself? That's what the millennial workforce, a new wave of successors for corporate and industrial America, wants to know. In fact, they want to know a lot of things that you might be surprised about; including your...

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