How to Successfully Host Software in the Cloud

    Cloud Deployment Tips

    2018 is the year of the cloud. Manufacturers and distributors are pining for its mobility, improved asset management and cost-effective solutions. While many businesses with on-premises enterprise software are working to migrate to the cloud, other companies are just...

    Plan and Schedule Extensively with Epicor ERP

    Take Advantage of Epicor Planning and Scheduling 

    Five minutes from now, five days from now, or five years from now: for a manufacturing or distribution business to run smoothly, it’s imperative to plan and schedule to fulfill current and upcoming demands as well as expand your business in the...

    Epicor Announces New Dedicated Cloud ERP Option at Insights

    This week, Epicor ERP is hosting Insights, the company’s largest global customer conference, in Nashville. Every year the event brings new announcements for the future of the ERP platform and how the company is refining the software to support their customer’s operational excellence and drive to...


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