Sky's the Limit for Manufacturers With Cloud Software

    10 Reasons to Implement CRM

    Why Do You Need CRM Software? 

    With greater customer expectations and global competition, the pressure is on for manufacturers and distributors to enhance customer relationships. Naturally, many enterprises are seeking out customer relationship management (CRM) software to refine their sales...

    How CRM Optimizes Customer Experiences

    CRM Enhances Customer Journeys  

    Success isn’t just measured by the reputation of your brand or the quality of your products. Now more than ever, businesses are measuring their success by their customer experiences. Sales departments are tracking key performance indicators (KPIs) on customer...

    3 Powerful Benefits of Syncing Epicor and Salesforce Data

    Why Integrate Epicor and Salesforce?

    Many businesses have investments in both Epicor ERP and Salesforce CRM, but they don't always establish sync points between their systems. Some firms are still on the fence about systems integrations and are apprehensive to start the project. What they may...

    Why CRM Needs to be Mobile

    Mobile CRM Advantages

    Most people do everything from buying products to scheduling activities right in the palm of their hand. With the ubiquity of cell phones and tablets, businesses are increasingly realizing that measures to limit the use of devices at work are futile. Instead, why not...

    Latest CRM Advances Boost Customer Relations

    Transform Customer Experiences

    In a web-first, mobile-first world, providing fast service around the clock is not just a possibility—it’s an imperative for gaining and retaining clients. Modern technology has accelerated customer demands, and businesses have to keep up with the pace....

    How Salesforce CRM Simplifies Your Sales Process

    Leverage Salesforce for Simplified Processes

    Businesses looking to implement a new CRM platform can be faced with endless websites to look through, demos to watch and packages to compare. From free software options to different platforms sliding right up the price scale, businesses expect their...

    CRM Myths: Busted

    Salespeople: Don't Believe CRM Myths 

    Even as smart phones and laptops dominate our work and lives, new advancements in technology are often met with protest. CRM is no exception. Sales is about people, shaking hands with customers and acquiring leads by communicating face-to-face and over the...

    Why You Need to Know About SalesforceIQ


    Best CRM: Salesforce vs Dynamics (Part II) — CRM Mobility



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