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    List of 16+ Solutions In Epicor Project | Epicor Consulting

    List of 16+ Solutions In Epicor Project |Epicor Consulting

    Company Solutions Reports

    With every Epicor consulting client we work with we create a final project sign-off that helps us ensure that all of our goals at the beginning of the project were met. We've noticed over time that this is...

    Three Epicor ERP System Trends In 2015

    Three Epicor ERP System Trends In 2015

    There are several major topics on the minds of Epicor ERP system users that seem to keep popping up this year. Recently, Epicor conducted a global research project, surveying companies around the world on the effectiveness of their current ERP – regardless...

    Case Study: Epicor Mobile Solution Adds Competitive Advantage For Business

    Case Study: Epicor Mobile Integration Improves Business

    Download the case study right now

    Call Business Object Using C# Code in Epicor 10

    Automate Business Processes: C# Code in Epicor 10

    After our consultants wrote a quick guide on how to call business objects in Epicor using ABL/4GL code, we've received several inquires regarding the code for performing this same action in Epicor version 10, which uses C# language. So, we've put...


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