How to Find the Best ERP for Discrete Manufacturing

    Discrete Manufacturing ERP 

    From Start-Up to Global Leader: Software for International Expansion

    Epicor ERP and Unity X

    Your hard work has finally paid off. The manufacturing or distribution firm you’ve dreamed of starting for years isn’t just here but standing strong, even against major competitors. Your business is small but mighty, gaining attention in your industry and winning deals....

    Last-Minute GDPR Tips

    Ready for the GDPR?

    The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is set to roll out on May 25th, but a startling number of businesses still have a ways to go in developing their compliance strategies. Remember: businesses in the EU aren’t the only ones affected by these mandates. If you’re...

    Datix Showcases Unity and Unity X at Epicor Insights

    Visit Datix at Epicor Insights!

    Datix is one of a handful of Epicor® channel partners attending the Insights 2018 users conference. Epicor is a premier enterprise resource planning (ERP) vendor for the manufacturing, distribution and service industries, and the annual Insights conference...

    Epicor ERP: Real-Time Data Analytics for Real Growth

    The Power of ERP Analytics

    Manufacturing shop floors are quickly becoming more sophisticated than ever. Now, production managers have every machine on their line Wi-Fi enabled and hooked up to the Internet of Things (IoT), and the information available to ERP systems is expanding in leaps and...

    CEO Matt Schuval Speaks at Missouri Manufacturing Summit and Expo

    Matt Schuval is set to speak at the Missouri Association of Manufacturers’ (MAM) 14th Annual Summit and Expo on September 27. In a breakout session titled “Everything You Need to Know About ERP Software Increasing Your ROI,” Schuval will explain the advantages of implementing ERP in your...

    How Epicor ERP Can Change Automotive Aftermarket Suppliers’ Lives

    In any crowded market that values high specialization to stay competitive—like the aftermarket automotive industry—businesses can require very specific software solutions just to keep up.

    Unity vs. SYNC: Epicor ERP and CRM Integration Showdown

    The world of enterprise software is booming. New systems are popping up every day to support every kind of business process imaginable. Instead of just splurging on one all-encompassing system that may do some things well and not others, businesses are opting to go the best-of-breed route and...

    Epicor Announces New Dedicated Cloud ERP Option at Insights

    This week, Epicor ERP is hosting Insights, the company’s largest global customer conference, in Nashville. Every year the event brings new announcements for the future of the ERP platform and how the company is refining the software to support their customer’s operational excellence and drive to...

    The Time To Upgrade Epicor ERP Is Now

    We’ve been publishing a series on our blog recently centered around reasons businesses should consider upgrading to Epicor, focused around the various benefits and features a company can enjoy after upgrading. However, aside from the powerful functionality of the newest configurator, or the...


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