ERP Requirements for CTO Manufacturing

    ERP for Configure-to-Order Processes 

    There’s no cookie cutter approach that works for every discrete manufacturer. Each business must determine the strategies that will align with their client’s needs and optimize productivity. For some companies, that strategy is configure-to-order (CTO)...

    5 Epicor ERP Success Stories

    How Does Epicor Transform Businesses? 

    Too many manufacturers and distributors are missing out on lucrative business opportunities and putting their company at risk by relying on outdated technology to manage their operations. Organizations can’t afford to let information gaps and production...

    10 Ways Epicor Commerce Connect Transforms Businesses

    ERP and eCommerce in One Place 

    Does your staff waste hours each week manually entering online orders into your enterprise resource planning (ERP) software? Do you have to manually update website prices? Do you lack an online store altogether, making it more difficult for consumers to find out...

    The Rundown On The New Epicor ERP Configurator

    Do You Need Epicor's Latest Configurator?

    The Epicor ERP configurator may only come into play for specific industries or verticals, but if it is relevant to your operations, prepare to be impressed. The Epicor ERP configurator boasts an ability to drill down even further into every part being...


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