10 Reasons to Create CRM and ERP Use Cases

    Organizational Change Management: Key to ERP Implementation Success

    OCM Strategies

    Tips for Building Your Software Adoption Strategy

    Enterprise Software Adoption Strategy

    Businesses naturally invest in their vision, and innovators are now looking toward enterprise software to allow them to achieve it. However, even some of the most well-intentioned projects will fall flat because of a failure to put in place a comprehensive...

    Take ERP On the Go with Epicor’s Mobile Capabilities

    Advantages of Mobile ERP

    As our devices continue to shrink, too many manufacturing and distribution businesses limit themselves to performing crucial business tasks on immobile desktops. By taking advantage of mobile capabilities from leading enterprise software vendors such as Epicor, companies...

    4 ERP Failure Stories and How to Avoid Becoming One

    Learn From These ERP Failure Stories

    It’s a fact that not many like to acknowledge, especially those embarking on a new project: ERP failure stories happen. Because ERP implementations take up so much of a company’s resources and are intended to support such a wide range of processes, failures...

    Epicor ERP 101: Implementing Handheld Devices

    How to Use Epicor from Any Device

    Handheld devices provide critical access for Epicor ERP software users who need to complete operations while not by a desktop—whether that’s at a client meeting or on the shop floor. They can range from mobile phones to barcode scanners, but they all need to be...

    We Don't Have Flying Cars & It's Affecting Your Business Growth

    We Don't Have Flying Cars & It's Affecting Your Business Growth

    Over the last 50 years, just about every sci-fi movie in existance has included the futuristic innovation of a flying automobile. Why? The thought of this kind of innovation was — and still is — the embodiment of innovative travel;...

    Streamline Enterprise Communication Using Epicor

    Streamline Enterprise Communication Using Epicor

    How employees retrieve relevant information inside their organization is becoming increasingly challenging. Conference calls and emails can often become irrelevant or background noise. It’s becoming more difficult for managers to stimulate...


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