Manage Bandwidth Hungry Applications Effectively

    Manage Bandwidth Hungry Applications Effectively

    it-bandwidthCan your network handle the amount of data, applications and devices your business uses on a daily basis? ERP, enterprise resource management, can be an extremely bandwidth hungry application. With the proper network monitoring and infrastructure in place your business applications will run efficiently and quickly.

    The Aberdeen Group calls out network performance management as measuring, modeling, planning, and optimizing networks to ensure that they carry traffic with the speed, reliability, and capacity that is appropriate for the nature of the application and the cost constraints of the organization.

    We think the last part is extremely important. Many companies offer enterprise level networking solutions and monitoring, but other smaller businesses are able to adapt these techniques at a better price-point. Different applications warrant different blends of capacity, latency, and reliability. This type of management can be effective, not only for large companies, but for midsized organizations.

    What are the pressures to improve network performance?

    • Increasing bandwidth requirements
    • Increasing demands of remote workforce
    • Increasing cost of data communication
    • Rising user demand
    • Increasingly virtualized infrastructure
    • Continuous improvement
    • Need for analyzing live data

    It is possible to have centralized applications and services to boost network capacity. This type of network management should be considered a critical investment when you rely on the performance of your business applications. One start-up, based in Sunnyvale, California, is monitoring network performance with live data. This means network administrators will be alerted before a critical issue arises. Partnering with a networking or application specialist can help improve productivity. Make sure the application vendor or consultant understands the nature of your network infrastructure needs.

    We help with these types of ERP problems all the time.

    Jay Epperson

    Jay Epperson

    As the Vice President of Consulting at Datix, Jay is a dynamic, results-driven, and self-motivated professional with a wide range of experience in delivering success by planning and leading operations on a global level. He has a proven track record of consistently building productive relationships with customers and suppliers.

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