How ERP Support Creates A Better Customer Experience


    ERP support

    An IDC survey of more than 460 companies across the globe showed a shift toward customer-oriented initiatives with value-added services playing a vital role in the customer experience. We have found this to be true in the companies we help implement mature ERP systems. ERP support is paramount.

    Improved Customer Experience

    We know business runs smoothly when we have a defined customer strategy. This study found a correlation between customer experience and the extent of ERP deployment. Who knew an ERP could help you avoid being reactive and could allow you to focus on your customer? ERP support begins with modeling correct processes and measuring against the right business outcomes.

    Retain Clients

    Client turnover seems like an inevitability. However, when surveyed, the manufacturing respondents mentioned three important ERP benefits.

    1. Retaining existing clients
    2. Differentiating from competitors
    3. Improving sales force effectiveness

    Growth as an Organization

    Retaining customers is one thing, profitability, revenue growth and attracting new clients are larger challenges. The survey found that sellers think of themselves as great with their customers offering themselves a 4 out of 5 service rating. The customers tended to disagree saying their experience was rated at 3 out of 5. ERP is vital for improving customers’ experience.

    An ERP will help you...

    • Adapt your IT to react to customers efficiently
    • Analyze past customer data
    • Automate your business processes

    Learn more how ERP support can help your business reach customers effectively. Connect with us and let us know what you think.

    Matt Schuval

    Matt Schuval

    Matt, the Chief Executive Officer at Datix, is a thought leader in the ERP community and President of the Epicor Partner Council. He has a strong industry background that has allowed him to transform Datix into one of the top enterprise software consultants in the U.S.

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