Deliver Better Customer Experiences with Microsoft SharePoint Integration

    Microsoft SharePoint Integration

    Microsoft SharePoint Integration

    We were blown away again by what we saw and learned at Microsoft Dynamics Convergence 2014. Thursday’s sessions focused heavily on working better together to deliver better customer experiences. One way to make that happen – Microsoft announced server-side integration for SharePoint with CRM2013. This update is coming is a part of the myriad of exciting new spring 2014 updates from Microsoft and will be available for the online version of CRM.

    This means users of SharePoint will have direct access to documents in CRM. The previous version did not allow for complete access on any device. Now, with in the spring release users will be able to have access to information using a tablet or mobile device.

    Here’s a brief comparison of the old approach compared to the new approach:

    Old Approach: Client-Side Integration

    • Sandbox Approach using list component
    • Iframe of SharePoint site of documents with actions
    • Single sign-on issue in cross-domain and Outlook Client

    New Approach: Server-Side Integration

    • Grid control with server-to-server authentication
    • Use of SharePoint APIs for controlling actions
    • S2S authentication

    SharePoint online is available with Office 365 and online plans start as little as $3.00 per user per month.  Flexible management options allow users to retain control and meet compliance requirements with cross device availability.

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