CRM and ERP Integration Accelerate Go Live Time


    CRM and ERP Integration Accelerate Go Live Time

    How will CRM and ERP Integration improve my go live time? When we help our clients implement ERP systems, particularly Epicor ERP, we found they often had existing CRM systems. We used a cloud-based method to create a CRM and ERP connector, and a large majority of our clients currently employ this integration

    When we talk about faster go-live time, we mean not only the entire ERP project, but also how quickly you will be able to market to your customers. What makes a connector software so successful is how easy it is to use.

    CRM and ERP Integration Benefits

    Let’s say you have two systems Microsoft Dynamics CRM and Epicor ERP. You can know get both back and front end data synchronization between the two systems. We did the technical part, building a connector that clients can use. No coding is required on your part, only configuration. When you integrate your CRM and ERP systems you will quickly see the benefits of data-access and time saving measures for your employees.

    Integration will help you:

    • Provide top notch customer service with a more personalized customer experience
    • Eliminate manual data entry of customer data between the two systems
    • Deliver fast access to financial data
    • Safely transfer encrypted data
    • Control the type of access each employee has to relevant information

    The goal is to have your business processes streamlined and automated.

    This means you will be able to support quote-to-order between CRM and ERP. You can link ecommerce to your customer CRM systems and provide billing information to CRM. If you have product catalogs you can also sync those between both systems.

    Connect with us for more information about data integration and follow us on Twitter @Datixinc.

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