Industrial Manufacturing Company Analysis: CRM for the Win

    industrial manufacturing

    Industrial Manufacturing Company Analysis: CRM for the Win

    Company: Gorman- Rupp

    Industry: Industrial Manufacturing: Pump Manufacturer

    Region: Midwest, National, International


    Founded: 1933

    After a complete ERP implementation, Gorman-Rupp an OEM pump manufacturer and reseller, saw a boost in productivity.

    “We've seen ROI in reduced inventory levels and lower production time, because all processes are more streamlined-from creating the quote through collecting cash from the customer," said Patrick Wischmeier, director of IS, Gorman-Rupp. "Information is also readily available to our customers, as well as to those within our company." See more.

    For a company with extensive product lines, like Gorman-Rupp, an ERP system with robust CRM capabilities makes a world of difference in internal time-saving and external customer satisfaction. Customer relationship management strategies are vital to profitable manufacturing businesses.

    While Gorman-Rupp used Infor Syteline for their CRM functionality, other ERP providers including Epicor 9 offer CRM dashboards to help you manage the entire customer lifecycle.Benefits-Embedded-CRM-Epicor

    For best practice on a CRM implementation Epicor has a dashboard that offers a simple efficient way to:

    • Track all customers, prospects and opportunities from a single interface
    • Reduce in the number of clicks
    • Provide real time analytics on marketing activities and opportunities

    Upon implementing the system internally, Datix found:

    The amount of time required to review an account and make a sales call has been cut in half.

    Mangers can quickly review each day’s activity without the sales person having to provide reports.

    The pipeline is now much easier to manage and we have greater visibility into pending opportunities.

    View more details on Datix’s customer success story.

    Matt Schuval

    Matt Schuval

    Matt, the Chief Executive Officer at Datix, is a thought leader in the ERP community and President of the Epicor Partner Council. He has a strong industry background that has allowed him to transform Datix into one of the top enterprise software consultants in the U.S.

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