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    Too often, manufacturers and distributors stick to dated practices and technology because that’s what has worked for them for years. However, most of these businesses experience delays and mistakes that they brush off as inevitabilities. Worse, they eventually realize that they are slipping further and further behind the competition.

    The truth is that the processes and software that businesses have utilized for decades aren’t working anymore. Even if operations seem to be moving smoothly, opportunities are falling through the cracks. An ERP implementation is just the solution these companies need to break old habits, transform their business and discover prospects they never knew were possible. Check out the five ways that ERP software can advance your company.

    1. Streamlined Business Processes

    Panorama’s 2018 ERP Report found that the number one reason manufacturers implement ERP systems is to improve business performance. One of the many factors that lead manufacturers to choose Epicor is its over 40 years in business as an ERP vendor for manufacturers. Epicor understands the importance of streamlining manufacturing processes and designs its solutions to do just that.  By connecting its supply chain management, financial management, planning and scheduling, project management and other modules and suites into one cohesive system, Epicor empowers businesses to enact automated workflows across their departments. This results in faster, more accurate operations.

    2. Up-to-Date Data

    Do you currently have any employees wasting hours manually inputting data? Have you ever incurred errors because of mistakenly entered information or lack of real-time insight? With ERP, these problems are in the past. Data becomes automatically updated throughout the system, meaning employees can now dedicate more attention to revenue-building tasks.

    Plus, this insight proves critical both for smarter decision making and detecting problems. Let’s say a machine isn’t working fast enough. Epicor’s machine learning technology will detect this dip in performance and alert users before it becomes a problem that puts your supply chain at risk. BI tools, predictive analytics features and other functions can also provide users with a deeper understanding of the business, enabling them to catch areas in need of improvement and plan for continued success.

    3. Greater Transparency

    Companies that continue to rely on Excel spreadsheets or even sticky notes to organize data and tasks are at a disadvantage when it comes to insight and collaboration. Data maintained using these methods can’t be easily consolidated or shared. That leaves information in departmental silos. ERP coalesces all this data into one place, allowing users to access the same data.

    In addition, Epicor’s user-friendly dashboards enable employees to view data easily. They can search for any information and configure their interface to show their most important charts and tables on their homepage. No more losing track of data or struggling to decipher someone else’s notes—Epicor makes collaboration and drilling into datasets simple.

    4. Better Customer Experiences

    Businesses don’t tend to think of enterprise resource planning software as providing the tools to improve customer experiences. However, nothing derails the customer journey more than an incorrect order, lack of timely information or inadequate products. A well-implemented ERP instance can ensure the customer journey goes smoothly. Orders can be tracked, information is received in near real time and sophisticated demand planning and quality management tools enable manufacturers to churn out superior products that meet customer needs. When integrated with CRM software, your software can deliver even more insight into customers to enable personalized, responsive service.

    5. Business Growth

    Business leaders are always looking to expand their enterprise. ERP software provides robust features that help users seize opportunities without incurring too much risk. Epicor’s forecasting solutions use historical data and sophisticated predictive analytics tools to transform even the largest datasets into meaningful reports that enable users to plan for their company’s future development. Epicor also maps geographical and seasonal trends over an extended period to support accurate demand planning. Using the Epicor Global Business Management Suite, businesses can manage multiple currencies and maintain control over locations across the globe.

    Wrap Up

    As great as these advantages sound, our expert ERP consultants know that taking the step towards implementing new software can be intimidating, especially when the marketplace seems to be changing every day. That’s why it’s important to partner with a consulting firm that can keep up with the pace and guide clients to software success.

    In Datix’s 20 years of ERP experience, we’ve helped clients improve their business practices because of our ERP prowess and commitment to innovation. We’re the only Epicor Platinum Partner with our own pre-built integration platform and partnerships with Microsoft Dynamics 365 and Salesforce CRM, making us a one-stop shop for enterprise software solutions.

    Take your business to a new level. Contact Datix today to start your ERP journey!


    Paul Arthur

    Paul Arthur

    Vice President of Solution Engineering, Paul is an experienced strategic business development professional. He is highly regarded for his ability to implement continuous process improvements to reduce costs, maximize profits and improve quality with increased throughput.

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