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    4 Ways an ERP Continuous Improvement Plan Can Save Your Software

    ERP software is a significant investment, both in terms of your company’s time and money. Obviously, it shouldn’t be taken lightly. A lot of effort goes into the implementation period, but not enough businesses consider what will happen after the go-live date. Just like your business, ERP...

    Do You Need Best-of-Breed ERP and CRM?

    In the modern world of the interconnected enterprise, it’s now nearly impossible to stay competitive without a combined CRM and ERP solution. A combined enterprise ‘suite’ allows companies to collect and analyze data from every single point of your company’s production, providing end-to-end...

    Our Free CRM & ERP Implementation E-Book Can Help You Avoid Failure

    Free CRM & ERP Implementation E-Book


    Enterprise software projects are known for sapping funds and taking way longer than expected to complete. When it’s all said and done, employee's jobs hinge on the ERP implementation plan or CRM implementation strategy employed. Your end-system is...

    Trying to Implement ERP Alone Won't End Well

    “Why would we need help with implementing or updating our enterprise software?” It’s a question too often said in executive meetings, or thought by someone looking to cut back on the budget. After all, those who work for a business know it inside and out—why shouldn’t the employees be able to...

    Integrate Salesforce and Epicor Or Lose Sales

    Salesforce and Epicor are two of the most talked about giants in their respective software corners, providing CRM and ERP solutions for businesses of all sizes and industries. As certified partners of both vendors, we have extensive experience with each system and often come across clients...

    This Stage Is Crucial To Your ERP Implementation Success

    One of the most critical steps of ERP implementation, ERP configuration, involves aligning the included functionality of your ERP to your business processes—not altering the very structure of your chosen platform, but merely molding it to support your day-to-day business operations. Although the...

    Phased ERP Implementation: Is It the Right Way?

    So, you’re about to undergo a brand new ERP implementation and you’ve got your entire timeline planned out. There’s a go-live date circled on the calendar. But what does your company’s go-live date really represent? Is that when the first stage rolls out, or when every single part of the system...

    Ask Your Epicor Consultant These Questions—Or Risk ERP Failure!

    So, you’ve finally selected the ERP software you’re going to implement, decided where to host it, and convinced everyone in your C-Suite of the long list of benefits that that system will provide your company. It’s all smooth sailing after that, right? Don't get your hopes up just yet.

    The ERP Project Role Crucial To Your Success

    Software adoption is such an important part of the eventual success of any ERP system. After all, the employees are the ones entering the data that makes the system run and become a powerful tool for business tracking and data management. Without the people, the enterprise software is just code.

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